Top Producer CRM

Top Producer CRM is a cloud-based contact management option, you’ll have the ability to handle your company in minutes from any touch screen desktop computer or mobile device with Top Companies HTML5 interface that is new.

  • Get immediate lead notifications via e-mail or text
  • Click the lead tips screens as well as a button right in your display. A countdown clock begins ticking when the question comes in, which means you understand just how fresh your lead is, providing you with invaluable context for your dialogue.
  • Simplify your followup

With so much on your own plate, handling leads, reacting quickly, and recalling to follow up can be a difficult proposal. In only minutes every day, followup trainer can help you stay top of mind with present customers and mine your database for future company.

  • Chooses the most tactical contacts
  • Indicates touch points that are suitable
  • Fuels agent followup

Nurture with content that is powerful

  • Create personalized e-mails from templates made to feel individual, not canned.
  • Send monthly branded newsletters with unique and present marketplace info
  • Do business everywhere, agent uses several different devices through the day, now – tablet computers, cell phones, desktop computers – and Top Producer CRM functions across them.

the cloud-established technology lets you choose your company and your CRM wherever you go.
Love systems that play fine
Top Producer CRM is compatible with tons of systems used by now’s agent.
Handle, send and attach files to some of closes, listings or your contacts via Google and Dropbox Drive
Seamlessly sync your contacts, calendars and e-mail from Gmail, Outlook, iCal and Office 365 into your regular workflows.
Use popular email services like BombBomb and MailChimp to send your contacts e-mail efforts
Lead Aggregation
Gather heads from over 100 on-line sellers with property and fiscal info added.
All the power of Top Producer CRM is optimized for teams and agents. New controls allow for supply and more streamlined direction of contacts and leads, and metrics allow for ROI coverage.
Sync your MLS right
Handle your listings and closes on the fly
Multiple listings mean multiple closures. Ensure every customer is your most significant one with close and listing action plans. Constructed with your hectic schedule in your mind, these strategies automatically remind you concerning the essential tasks you should finish to keep you headed to the close table
See listing details, showing directions, tax and commission details, and more
Add parties, jobs and notes connected with close or a listing
Share on-line access with clients for trades that are easier

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